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This site & these pages are not an official website and in no way represent the views of Prescot Town Council or Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. These are purely my own personal pages and any views or opinions are mine alone. Should you want to visit the official Local Authority website, follow this link to Knowsley MBC's History of Prescot, although in my opinion, given it is an "official" website, there's sadly relatively little about Prescot's rich and varied history.

You may have wondered about the references to "Prescot" and "PrescotPages". Well, the town of Prescot in the County of Merseyside, UK has been the home of myself and my family since we bought a house and moved here in May 1980.

A major employer and influence in the town for many years during the 20th Century was "the BI" or, in it's later years, British Insulated Callendar Cables. Use to go the the BICC Page, although it's very much an ongoing piece of work, so please come back again regularly.

Given Prescot's long and distinguished history, it is inevitable that Prescotians have played their full part in all of the great National events. The Great War of 1914 - 1918, the so-called "war to end all wars" was one such major event. Stephen Nulty has developed an incredible website, in which he carefully catalogues in great detail the sacrifices made by Prescotians. Stephen writes;

"my website commemorates the 300+ men of Prescot who fell in the Great War and I hope you can take a few minutes to visit and perhaps remember some of these men.  I am also working through a list of some 900 men of the town who served and returned and my aim is to have all the men of the town who served in the war remembered on the site by the 100th anniversary of the Great War in August 1914.  A mammoth task but one well worth doing.

My grandfather, Thomas Nulty, is one such man. He was born in prescot in 1895 and died in his bed in Lathum Close in 1970. My dad, Jimmy Nulty, lived in Prescot from birth in 1933 in Moss Street to his death in 2004. Apart from his National Service in the 1950’s. he neved lived more than a mile or so from where he was born. I was born in Prescot in 1957 and lived in Kingsway until 1979. Although I have lived in Warrington for over 20 years, I still class myself as a Prescot man and proud of it.

If you have Prescot ancestors who served, or who you think may have served, please contact me via the website and I will see if I have any information on them. Alternatively, any information and especially pictures which can be provided will be posted to the site with pleasure, obviously with full acknowledgement."

This really is, in my opinion, a must-see site.

Former pupils of Prescot schools might enjoy a visit to the site which "aims to conserve the heritage of Prescot Grammar School, Prescot Girls Grammar School and the current Prescot School. Prescotian.info was launched onto the internet on 19th. May 2000. Prescotian.info has a database of former pupils contact details of these schools. We can help you find that long lost school friend and may even have a photograph of you, your friends and teachers. We welcome any archive material from our members."

A few more sites that are well worth a visit!

I'm in the process of putting together a brief history of the town & hope you'll come back to this page again in the future to see what I've been able to find.