About Us....

I'm still trying to figure out what I should put on this page, but for now here's a very brief introduction...

My name is Allan. I live in the town of Prescot, which is approximately 8 miles east of Liverpool. Located on the river Mersey in the North-West of England, Liverpool is probably best known among those of my generation, i.e. those of us born in the 1940s and 1950s as the home of the Beatles, although it has many other claims to fame in it's long history.

Prescot too has some significant history; it was an important centre of excellence in the clock & watchmaking industry during the middle and late 19th century until the gradual demise of that industry in the early 20th century. There is a small Museum in the town centre which details some of that history. Apparently at the peak of it's success, the town's watch and clockmaking industries attracted visitors from Switzerland who came to study the craft!

More recently, that is from the late 19th century until the nineteen nineties, Prescot was a major centre for the manufacturing of cables used in the electricity supply and communications industries. Indeed, the local football team's name, Prescot Cables Football Club, bears testimony to the town's recent past.

I moved to Prescot in 1980 and have seen quite a transformation of the town in the years since then - a transformation that in my opinion isn't always a positive one - but such is life!

This site is still very much a "work in progess" so please do visit again when I might have had the opportunity to develop it further.

A dedication...

I owe so much of my interest in technology - as well as countless other things - to my mum. She was a very special person who encouraged me from the earliest years I can remember. Although she grew up during the years of the Second World War and her life wasn't always easy, she never complained, always tried to look at people and life's events positively and encouraged her children to do the same.

Mum 1943

Mum pictured in 1943

My interest in electronics and radio is a direct result of the support and encouragement I got from her. Many times in my childhood, during the 1950's, she patiently allowed me to install lights into cupboards and other odd places using lengths of wire, batteries and bulbs which I'd buy from the newly-opened local Woolworths with my pocket-money. Not only did she let me do all this, but she actually feigned (very well!!) surprise and delight at it all working.

My mum died on November 1st. 1997 at the age of 73 having suffered a heart attack. I miss her still and I suspect I always will, although I'm very fortunate in that my memories of her and my understanding of her philosophy of life mean she's forever with me in spirit. She's pictured here some six years before I was even born!

So I'd like to dedicate this site to my Mum, Miriam, with grateful thanks for everything she did for me, my brothers and sisters, not just while we were children but right through to the time of her death - and even beyond in some ways. I'm particularly grateful to her for fostering my passion for technology. If it weren't for that, this website almost certainly wouldn't exist.....