Global Geostationary Meterological Satellite Images

This page provides a "menu" of the International network of geostationary meteorological satellites, data from which which is received and processed here. As these satellites are geostationary, each one would appear continuously visible at a fixed point in the sky if viewed from the earth - if that were possible as they are at an altitude of approximately 22,236 miles or 35,786Km. Conversely, each satellite sees, and continuously scans, the same area of the earth's surface therefore providing unbroken monitoring of the weather systems below.

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Because of licensing conditions there are restrictions on the images I am able to post on this site.

Meteosat-11 Meteosat-8 IODC  
Meteosat-11 (Operational at 0° W) Meteosat-8 (IODC at 41.5° E)  
Europe, Africa Africa, Middle-East, India, Pakistan  
Himawari-8 (140.7° E)    
Western Pacific, Japan, Australia    
Feng-Yun 2D GOMS2 Image  
FengYun 2G (99.5°E, 1Km resolution) Electro-L N2 ("GOMS-2", 76° E)  
India, Thailand, China, Phillipines China, Pakistan, India, Thailand  
goes-e goes-e  
GOES-17 ("West", 137.2° W) GOES-16 ("East", 75.2° W )  
West Coast USA, North & South Pacific Ocean Eastern USA, South America, North & South Atlantic Ocean